READ-A-THON! #WWReadathon

Oooooooooookkkaaaaaaaaaaay, I just finished my first read. Way slower than I would have liked, but I am really not feeling well this weekend and kinda crashed and burned at 8pm last night, when I took myself off to bed, read another 10% and floated into slumberland until 8:30 this morning.


Moving onward. First book to bite the dust is: Strange Neighbors by Ashlyn Chase. Here’s a link to my Goodreads review (if you care): I usually get carried away in my opinions and write an essay of a review, but I purposefully kept it short and sweet so I can move on faster.

Here it is in duplicate to save you lovely folk going back and forth:

This has got to be one of the whackiest books I’ve read in a long time. Yes, the dialogue left much to be desired. Yes, the way the author used said dialogue to give us a full description of the apartment Merry was moving into and an understanding of Jason’s lifestyle pre-Merry (amonsgt other things) could not have been more unnatural and bad.
BUT … I snorted so often (not in an ‘for ffs’ kind of way, but in a ‘chortle’ kind of way) throughout this book, that I am willing to forgive the parts that are not as high quality as they could have been.
If I had to some up this novel in one word? It would be: Insanity.

Now … onto Book Number 2: Succubus Blues.

How’s everyone else doing?



4 thoughts on “READ-A-THON! #WWReadathon

    1. Aww, thank you, Julie. I think I might just spend the day on the bed, with my laptop and kindle, lol.

      I’m at 4% in Succubus Blues. So far, so good. 🙂

      Nice new avi, btw.

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