LOOKIE, LOOKIE WHAT I GOT! #pressieforme

I had NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO intention of blogging today but something happened this morning to make me a little excited and prompted me to say oh, to heck with it and write one anyway … just so I could share!

So …

There I was, Marigold’s on me hands, suds up me arms, slippery plate in me fingers, when I hear’s the squeak of me letterbox and the thud of something right weighty landing on me hall floor.

I should have waited until I’d finished the washing up to go check.

However, self-containment has never been one of me strong points.

So I whizzed into the hall. Almost collided with Mr B’s mountain bike, as well as almost got speared by the handlebars. And spotted the package.


With my name on it.

Shocking, I know.

After I’d stared at it for 0.0000004 seconds, I snatched it up and started to peel away the tape before I’d even got to the living room. By the time I returned to the kitchen table, I pretty much knew exactly what it was.

Was it something I needed?

Goodness, no! Where’s the fun in those kinds of parcels?

It was something I WANTED, dammit! Something I had made rather a lot of noise about wanting to a certain someone.

It appears my (extremely unsubtle) hints paid off because it was that certain someone who sent it to me … as only SHE could.

Yep, that’s right. After whining and jigging and griping, I have my VERY OWN PERSONALLY SIGNED PAPERBACK COPY OF LITTLE WHITE LIES BY AIMEE LAINE!


And here’s the pics (rubbish ones taken using my BB) to prove it:

Um … yeah … do me a favour and only look at the book on that pic, coz otherwise you’ll see the corner of my Jem & Sean novella I’m currently writing, and I’m pretty certain I shouldn’t be letting you see that yet (sssshhhhhhhhhhhh!).

MASSIVE thanks to Aimee! Mwah!

So … whatcha think? Hehehehe.

What little parcels of goodness have you received in the mail lately?


17 thoughts on “LOOKIE, LOOKIE WHAT I GOT! #pressieforme

  1. Oooo, pretty signed book!!

    And of course I’m gonna sneak a peak behind the book. Rhythm, Lips, Eyes…either Jem is remaking the head and shoulders, knees and toes song or that could possibly be a ‘fun’ scene…

    OR maybe they’re running and shifting and describing the changes…


  2. You’re getting me all hot and bothered there, Julie. his rhythm, lips and eyes…nearer…I need a fan.

    Oh, congrats on the signed book.

  3. I only seem to get bills lately! Or stuff for my little girl. I have a hard time resisting all the cute stuff the didn’t have when I was a kid. Congrats on the book, did you have to wait on it long?

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