It happens a lot, right? Books being adapted for cinema. And even those that don’t quite make it to the big screen are still in with a shot for the smaller screens in our home (often thanks to HBO).

Some are done well (I’ve yet to see one done excellently), and some not so well.

On my list of not-so-well would be (imo) Kiss the Girls. I’d read nearly all of the Alex Cross novels at that point. Said Alex Cross had always appeared in my mind as someone a little ‘down with the coolness’ despite his age and his being a family man, someone who still had a slight hawtness factor about him, a man in his prime with a body that reflected that. And they went and cast … Morgan Freeman. Though, even if I could have gotten over that, the film was just too far from the novel for me to buy it as being a halfway decent adaptation.

But then there are some on my list of ‘done well’.

Like Harry Potter, for instance. Yes, a lot of the story was left out, which included a whole lot of the in depth explanations for what was going on, but there is no denying that the films were a big hit—and they would not have been as successful had they deviated too far from the stories readers had grown to love.

Or The Bone Collector. Yes, there was some alterations to the storyline on the screen. But, I can honestly say that The Bone Collector is one of my favourite adult adaptations from novel to film to date. The fact that Denzel Washington portrayed who I’d always imagined as a white man didn’t bother me either—but then he did play the part really well. Angelina Jolie also made a great Sachs. So that one deffo goes on my ‘success’ list.

What about film rights that are already bought (or rumoured to be)? Like Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. Fans of Mac and Barrons globewide must be either as excited as all get out because they’ll get to see some of their favourite characters brought to life, or they’ll be pretty nervous because nobody wants to be left wanting by the choice of cast or the producers failure to do the story the justice it deserves.

And let’s not forget the TV adaptations like: True Blood (from the Sookie Stackhouse series)—even though the storyline of the programme now only vaguely resembles that of the books, the show is still a big hit; or Dexter—another massive hit, which I think has to do with the actors ability to convince the watcher to connect with and like a serial killer, just as the author pulled off in the books; or The Wire in the Blood (based on Val McDermid’s crime thrillers that began with The Mermaids Singing)—which I LOVED because of how well suited Robson Green seemed for the role of Tony Hill; The Vampire Diaries; The Walking Dead; Bones (from the Kathy Reichs novels)….

So … how do you feel about films/TV series that are based on books you’ve read? Have any impressed you? Or do they too often leave you wanting?

Which of your favourite books would you love to see hit the screen?


11 thoughts on “BOOKS ON THE BIG SCREEN!

  1. I would love the In Death series by J D Robb made into a TV series. I think it would be so good, but I also think they would have trouble casting Roarke :). Also Darkness and Light would make a great film, wouldn’t have a clue who could be Sean though xxx

  2. Hehehe, thanks. I, too, have NO idea who could play Sean. Or Ethan, for that matter, as they’d have to be pretty similar. Hmmmm.

    And, the In Death books would be awesome on the screen–though, I agree, Roarke would be a bugger to cast. 🙂

  3. I am excited for the Hunger Games movie – particularly the first one out of the trilogy. Loved book 1. Gotta say, wasn’t much of a fan of book 2 or 3 though.

    I was disappointed with the Percy Jackson movie. As always, book was better. It would have probably been an okay movie, had I not read the book first :-\

    Twilight, of course. I don’t think they could have gone wrong with this one. Even with some inconsistencies and exclusions, still turned out to be good movies.

    Am addicted to True Blood. Liked but not crazy over the books.

    Love Game of Thrones series on TV and am very much looking forward to reading the book.

    I’d love to see a film adaptation of Kresley Cole Immortals After Dark series. Hehe *devilish grin*

    Karen Marie Moning came highly recommended to me. Will have to check her out!

    As for D&L would LOVE to see a movie! For some reason, David Boreanaz or Josh Hartnett always pop in my head when I read Sean’s character. Sexy.

    1. I haven’t read IAD series but have heard good stuff about them 😉 Will certainly have to check them out. And as for KMM? She’s one of those you have to presevere through because they just get better and better as you head through the series.

      And Sean? I so relate to Josh Hartnett, because he’s possibly the closest I could conjure from available actors (except he’d need to beef up a little). David Boreanaz it a VERY intriguing choice? Hmmmm. I’d never even considered him. How old is he? Anybody know?

  4. I love it when they create them and the image in my head matches or they don’t take out so much that it loses the feel of the story for the sake of television. Some non-fantasy-based ones I loved were The Secret Life of Bees and The Ya Ya Sisterhood. Both I thought stayed true to the book. I hear The Help does, too (but haven’t seen it). Odd for me to focus on those because I’m not usually a big literary reader, but hey! 🙂

    I also thought Harry Potter was well done, though I haven’t seen #6 or beyond … yet. 🙂 Have read all the books though. 🙂

  5. The very first book/movie adaptation that I can honestly remember is Gone with the Wind. I had loved the movie as a kid and was one of first movies I remember my grandparents buying for their brand new VCR. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I read the book. After that, I could no longer watch the movie. I felt completely disillusioned. What I had thought was a great movie was pale and tepid compared to the book. For years, I refused to read a book if I had seen the movie, or vice versa. Today, I am much more careful. I do some research first and find out what others say. Was the movie a strict adaptation? How invested was I in the book/movie? Am I being realistic about what can be shown on the screen due to budget, time restrictions, special effects, etc? How did the author really feel about the adaptation?

    I put all this information in the pot and then choice whether to risk what may be lurking, waiting to drag me down to disappointment-ville. After seeing some of the Alex Cross movies, I have intentionally stayed away from the books. Ditto on the Kathy Reich books. But I loved the Harry Potter movie/books and to Kill a Mockingbird remains one my all time favorites.

    As far as what I would like to see, I would love to see an adaptation of Patricia Briggs Mercedes Thompson Series. The idea of a strong independent woman, working as a mechanic, being a lone Native American Coyote shifter, brought up in the male dominated world of Wolf shifters, trying to live in a world with Vampires, Fey, and werewolves. I think it could seriously be a great movie or even tv series, if the casting and writing was handled correctly. But most probably, as with True Blood, it could go terribly, terribly wrong.

  6. I have to say, If I read a book and I really like it, and I see a film made from the book, then I have to watch it and compare the two. I loved the twilight series, and the films were some what different, but in a good way. The people who portrayed the characters were amazing.

    Iv’e seen some Steven King films because I read the books, and I also enjoyed them immensely. Even though I sit there waiting to see how they do things, and know what’s coming next.

    I would love to read the True Blood books, as I enjoy the series so much, and hope the books are just as good.

    I think they can manage any vampire or werewolf movies with the technology they have now, but I love any thing like that any way. I don’t know why but I try and read every thing I can about them. It’s amazing how we tend to love them and have made them more romantic and sexy than scary.

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