Good Sunday, everyone. Thank you all so much for revisiting my snippets each week–it is you guys that keeps me participating each week.

This weeks post is again from my paranormal romance novel, Darkness & Light, and is brought to you from Chapter 13–right after Jem meets Sean for the first time and he’s identified himself. Hope you enjoy.

I reached the car at a full-out sprint, almost colliding stunt-style with the side. When I retrieved the keys from my pocket, I dropped them before they could connect with the lock, scooped them up, dropped them again. With the door eventually open, I threw my pad and pen onto the back seat and braced myself at arm’s length against the outer frame.

A glance back at the restaurant showed the stranger on his feet. His face pressed so close to the glass, condensated mist should have concealed him, yet it didn’t.

“What the hell is going on?”

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  1. Hehehe! Seeing snippets like this makes me smile, because with only six sentences, I slip right back in to that awesome world you created and my mind continues to play the scene out. Loved this part! ^_~

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