As you all know (and if you don’t: where HAVE you been?), my novella INSTINCT is due to hit E-Readers on January 1st 2012.


One more time with feeling:


Yep, in just over FOURTEEN WEEKS, readers will be able to get their hands on this tale—all of you who have read Darkness & Light and feel that you just HAVE TO know where it all started for Jem & Sean, Instinct will take you all back to the very beginning … to Sean’s very first sighting of Jem … oh, did I mention this is his PoV–just one more reason to get excited, no?

Well, here’s a few more. Just as I shared electro-goodies with you all for Into the Unknown, the time has arrived to share some for Instinct.

So how about another


and we shall move on.

Here’s the loot:

An Instinct banner:

Instinct bookmark (front & back images shown):

Instinct desktop wallpaper:

And that’s not all. You can find the full range of available Instinct electronic goodies RIGHT HERE!


So … which of these do you fancy?

Darkness & Light is available at the following outlets:


Barnes & Noble

WHSmith & Waterstones


Into the Unknown.

Coming December 1st 2011.




If you haven’t already, don’t forget to snatch your FREE copy of my short story, Fated Encounter: HERE for Ebooks or HERE for Kindle



  1. OK – I’m with the others!! Just LOVE the bookmark (I’m a collector of them *weird* person that I am:))


    1. Not weird. I didn’t think I’d ever be bothered about things like bookmarks, but I won a copy of Blood Trinity in a blog contest and Dianna Love sent me signed bookmarks and a Belador T-shirt as well as the book (apparently I’m the only person in the UK with one of their t-shirts), and I love my bookmarks. I also have one of Aimee Laine’s shiny Little White LIes bookmarks. And lots of Darkness & Light bookmarks. If you give me your address (PM–GR), Carole-Ann, I’ll post you one. 🙂

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