Wheeee! Yet another week of 6 Sentence Sunday. Thank you so much to all those who keep coming back.

Last week, I introduced you to a Chapter 8 scene from my paranormal romance novel, Darkness & Light, where ‘something strange’ appeared to be happening to Jem’s body—whilst at the local department store. This week’s offering is a continuation of that scene. In fact, it’s Peter’s—Jem’s husband—response to her ‘unusual behaviour’, just after she asks the question: Did I do anything?

Hope you enjoy.

I cringed, waiting for him to tell me I’d pranced about the store with howls flying freely. In front of Saturday shoppers? Too much to bear.

“What do you mean, Jem, did you do anything?” The basket swung in an arc with his gesturing arm. “You bloody fell on your knees, closed your eyes, and sniffed the f*****g air like a bloodhound.”

Peter: Such a nice fellow. 🙂

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22 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY #6 #sixsunday

  1. Falling on one’s knees and sniffing the air would be rather embarrassing after the fact…unless the bakery just pulled out a rack of fresh bread, then I’d be right there with her. Great 6. Despite Jem’s odd behaviour, we get a real sense of what prick her husband is.

  2. hehehe, that last line made me giggle, even though, yes, I concur with those above me that he’s a pr/d/ick, but isn’t (wasn’t) he deliciously fun to write? ;D Great selection ^_^

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