Tomorrow is my birthday! Yep, tomorrow I shall be *cough* years old. Tomorrow I shall be milking my family for attention, love and pampering, no doubt loafing around with my feet up, whilst they wait on me like a queen.

But as the point of the blog post isn’t about my personal fetishes, I’ll move on.

I’ve been waiting for my birthday to do something good. I thought about it a while.


I guess I could just have a blog post that invited you all to head on over and give me *tonnes of well wishes, possibly link me up with **recordings of you singing happy birthday to me …


That idea sucks?

Okay, well what about this one then:

How about a birthday present?

What? No, not for me, silly. I already had my gift when Mr B bought me my Kindle early.

I mean, how about a present for you?

When I spotted the signup for the Giveaway Blog Hop, hosted by Bitten by Paranormal Romance, I thought, Perfect!

Yep, I shall be participating in the blog hop from 15th – 18th September, where there shall be some Darkness & Light goodies up for grabs, and possibly even an additional treat or two. To find out what they are, you’ll have to turn up.

So … will I see you there—I mean, here?

*It would be acceptable for well wishes to be left–if you so got the urge.

**If you really want to send recordings of you singing? They will be snortfully received. 🙂


Darkness & Light is available at the following outlets:


Barnes & Noble

WHSmith & Waterstones


27 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO … ME!

  1. I’m CERTAIN that you don’t want to hear me sing….lol
    Mr. B bought you a Kindle?!?!?! Awesome 😀 Didja upload your book yet?? Happy (early) Birthday! Hope it’s a wonderful, relaxing day for you!

  2. I was happily reading your blog post and then got distracted by that Ethan Smackdown image…..yummy. Wait, what was I talking about again? *drool*

    Oh yeah! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday and trust me, you do NOT want to hear me wail, I mean sing.

    Definitely will go to your ‘blog hopping party’ and I hope you get spoiled rotten.

  4. Happy Birthday … to you. cha-cha-cha Happy Birthday … to you. cha-cha-cha Happy BIRTHDAY dear JAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaBbb … Happy Birthday. To. You. cha-cha-cha!

    (the song additions come compliments of my girls). 😉

  5. I won’t sing, but I’ll do you one better. It’s a tradition in my little back woods town that the radio station plays this song after they announce the birthdays called into the station:

    This one’s for you, Julie! 😀

    1. And a happy birthday to you, too, for tomorrow, Bec. As for the age thingy? Meh! You’re only as old as you feel and you look finely spritely to me. 🙂

  6. Happy birthday fellow September baby 😀 we should have some sort of international extravaganza to celebrate your awesomeness, something that’s too big for one day to handle, hehe! *<{:^D}

    OK, here comes the song…

    (insert rhythmic clapping here ;D)
    Happy happy birthday
    It's such a special day,
    Happy happy birthday,
    Is all I'm here to say,
    Happy happy birthday,
    May all your dreams come truuuuue!
    Happy happy birthday,
    From Kelly Said to you! 🙂

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