As those of you who’ve visited will know, I initially brought you excerpts from my paranormal romance novel, Darkness & Light, and that I changed tactics last week and offered a taste of my free short story, Fated Encounter. Well, because I’m unable to resist, and because I simply ADORE Sean Holloway, here’s a little more from the man himself:

Five feet away, the redhead took one magazine after another off the shelves, blocking my view of the female my mind refused to let me walk away from.

All I wanted was a full-on glimpse of her eyes. Just one. I’d need no more than that to confirm her identity. The sapphire blues of the female in my dreams never left me even once my dreams came to a closure. If I could just see those, then … then I would know.

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16 thoughts on “SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY #4 #sixsunday

  1. Interesting that he requires a visual confirmation of her identity whereas she required an olfactory one. Definitely sense his desperation here, Julie. Nicely done.

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