Yes, I’m back for another round. I’ve truly been bitten by the 6sentenceSunday bug.

Over the last couple weeks, the excerpts I’ve shared with you have been from my paranormal romance novel, Darkness & Light. Well, this week, I’m bringing you a little something from the other side of the coin. To celebrate its release on September 1st (wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!), my chosen 6 have been hand picked from my latest (free) short story and companion to Darkness & Light: Fated Encounter. Here you go, they’re all yours:

I’d initially heard tales from my grandfather of the female named Jem—tales told with scorn. Once Dad had taken over the telling of them, disdain had made way for reverence and awe. He’d watch me, his ever-intense gaze mining my responses, whilst he recounted the story of the werewolf called Sean, a werewolf who’d crossed a forbidden line—simply to be with his mate.

As a pup, I’d considered the stories ridiculous—the wolf’s reasoning weak.

That attitude altered with the arrival of my dreams.

Whilst my body arched toward the alluring scent of the blonde female, my mind ran through every reason it couldn’t be her.

Could this be about the elusive Sean from Darkness & Light, perchance? Guess you’d have to read the entire story to find out.

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Fated Encounter will be available September 1st for Kindle or E-reader.


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  1. Oooh! I’m making excellent progress through Darkness and Light, and now you have me anxious to read this addition to the tale, Fated Encounter! Sept 1 is almost here, so awesome! ^_^

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