On July 24th, I posted JUDGE JULIE! to announce a challenge that had arisen between a couple of my favourite authors: Jocelyn Adams and Aimee Laine. They each had around the same word count remaining to write for their current NiP’s, and decided to race each other for the finish line.

So, what did I do?

Well, declared myself judge, of course!

Why so?

Out of the kindness of my heart? Because I knew someone impartial needed to moderate and I had purely selfless purposes for agreeing to the job?

Of course not!

I had totally underhanded and ulterior motives for naming myself Judge Julie!

1)       I’d get to boss these two dominants about! That—trust me!—is a rarity!

2)       I got to make the rules for the challenge as sensible—or ridiculous—as I wanted!

3)       I knew I’d get to make the loser bow down to the winner! Ha! Yet more submissive behaviour bestowed upon them ::cue evil laugh here::

4)       This is my biggest and best reason and it shall take some explaining:

I knew what these ladies were working on. I have read and LOVED both of their debut novels: Little White Lies (out now) by Aimee Laine, and The Glass Man (October release—yep this lucky blighter had an ARC!) by Jocelyn Adams. And they both just happened to be writing the sequels to these two novels. Yay me! So, whoever won … I got to be the first to see a 1st draft copy of what the public has to wait a loooooooooooong time for! Once again: Yay me!

Anyway, after much battling and distracting and attempts to intimidate, the first submission was sent for me to check over for its validity as the winning tale.

Yes, I have in my hands a FIRST DRAFT copy of Shadowborn, which will become the second Lila Gray novel to entertain the world on its release.

And yes, I have skimmed through it, and paused to read more than I should have, and YES, I have read the ending and sat with a stupid grin on my face whilst doing so.


Yeah, you should be!

So, without further ado, the winner is …

Due to the awesomeness of what I have this morning perused, I am mucho happy to announce …


You WHUPPED Ms Laine’s a$$.

Following the rules of the challenge (made up by me! Ha!), Aimee now HAS TO announce her defeat in a blog post and bow down to Jocelyn’s brilliance. Oh, yes, she does! Chortle. And, whaddaya know? You can view said ‘Bowing down’ blog post HERE!

You can also view Jocelyn’s ‘Post of Triumph’ HERE at her blog—don’t forget to congratulate her whilst commiserating (no guffawing please—it’s not polite) Aimee.

This has been SUCH fun!

How about you? Have you ever gone head-to-head in a challenge? Did you win? Or were you a (gracious/ungracious) loser?


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