My name’s Ethan Holloway and I’ve taken over this place for the day.

My post. My comments. My temporary hideout.

And not a thing J.A. can do about it.

So, why am I here?

Well … I was told that people have been talking about me. Then I was told some of the things that have been said.

Bad boy? Rough around the edges? Something to do with chocolate and well placed cherries?

You all have me intrigued—especially that last one. So, when told I’d be expected to answer some questions, I agreed.

That’s what I’m doing here: I’m here to set the record straight and stop the speculation.

Here are some of the questions I got and my answers:

1)     What does your true love look like? Do you ever wonder about this yourself?

In answer to the first question: How the hell would I know?

Second question: I have more than enough on my plate already without a bloody
female getting in my way.

2)     Have you ever been attracted to Jem in a romantic way?

Do I have to warrant this with an answer?

Okay … no! She’s like a sister to me. Damn, she is a sister to me.

3)     Have you and Sean ever fought?

We’re brothers. What do you think?

4)     Do you secretly have a woman? If not, what do you do for a little ‘light relief’?

First question: No. If I had a female, I doubt she’d be a secret. Secrets are nigh on
impossible to keep from the pack and even harder still to keep from my dad.

Second question: Mind your own damn business.

5)     Will we get to learn more about you in the future?

You’ll get to ‘see’ more of me. Whether or not you learn more? Well, I guess that’s
down to the student in you.

6)     What size shoes do you wear?

Ha! Seriously? 14 (UK size).

7)     Which of the pack members do you relate to the most?

This is a tough one because I have my reasons for how I relate to each. Sean, I can
barely let him out of my sight without worrying, but we’ll call that big brother syndrome.

Dan and Josh are my light relief of a non-sexual nature.

But Kyle? We were born close together and were the only two sprogs flailing amongst
a pack of adults until Sean came along, so if pushed I’d say Kyle. Besides, he’s the one who ‘get’s me the most and the least likely to get pissed when I bite.

8)     Do you ever dream of becoming Alpha? How many years off do you think that is?

Not really.

I’m a defender, a protector, and a keeper more than a leader.

And I’d rather not think about how many years Dad has left as Alpha—if I had my way, he’d be at the head of the table forever.

9)     Do you miss your mother?

Stupid question. Who the hell asked this one?

10)  Will you marry me?

I don’t even know you.

11)  How big are your biceps when flexed?

What do you expect me to do? Measure them? Shit. Gimme a minute … okay, I’m back. 19 inches—48 cm. Just don’t get asking me to measure what’s in my pants coz I’d need a bigger tape measure the answer would be no.

12)  Do you think you’d ever consider creating a mate like your brother did?

Biting Jem was an accident! I know because I was there. Besides, it isn’t a bite that claims a female as your mate, it’s your heart—so I’m told.

13)  Is your 6’5 height an advantage or disadvantage as a werewolf?

Advantage: I’m bigger than most and first impressions do matter.

Disadvantage: It takes a whole lot of rabbit and badger to satisfy my hunger.

There! You all happy now?

Oh, and I was asked to apologise for anyone whose questions aren’t shown. J said something about the message system screwing up and stuff coming through garbled, so if you sent one in and it isn’t on here, then apologies for that.

Have a nice day!


11 thoughts on “I, ETHAN!

  1. Feisty one isn’t he?? Hehe 🙂 Loved the interview Ethan. You’re hot. English accents are sexy! If I wasn’t happily married, my question would have been to ask if I can have your number.

    1. Feisty? No, just me.
      Hot? It’s in my genes to be hot blooded.
      My number? What bloody number?

  2. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha. Oops. Probably shouldn’t have laughed like that. Oh, Ethan, you are too funny. And we all know … since you had that measuring tape out … that *it* got measured, too. 😉

  3. Ethan, every time you open your mouth, flex every muscle, I shiver with anticipation. This American female has caught whiff of your scent from across the pond and she wants to play. Game? *purr*

    1. What is this blog? A dating agency?
      I have Ms Coy, Ms Hilarious, Ms Straight-to-the-darn-point, and then the pussy cat comes along all a-purring.
      I’ll let you know, puss.

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