The most important people to an author are their readers.



Then you’ll understand why—with every single comment I’ve received about Darkness & Light, every Tweet I’ve spotted by someone who’s reading my book, every remark that has been left on my Facebook page or in reviews—I’ve taken notice and … listened.

And what have I learned?

The ladies have a real (female) b***r for Ethan.

Maybe it’s his dark exotic looks. Maybe it’s the ripple of muscle that everyone knows is ever present. Maybe it’s his brute strength, or his (self-taught) wit, or that tunnel-vision-focus and steady control he has when a task is at hand …

Whatever the reason, the ladies seem to LOVE him.

So what is this all about then? you ask.

This … is my opportunity to give a little something back … to you.

This is your chance to ask Ethan Holloway anything you’d like.

Anything you’ve ever wanted to know about the main fighter of the Holloway Pack, you can ask away … and I’ll make him suck it up and answer … because I can. 🙂

Questions can either be left in the comments section of this blog post, or they can be sent privately through the Contact Me form on my website. Either way, they will be included and answered and the results of the Q&A with Ethan Holloway will be posted exactly one week from today (3rd August).

So … whaddaya waiting for?

Ask away!

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