In case you’re wondering, Judge Julie is ME. Ha!

Why? you ask.

Well, there is a challenge afoot and … well … someone needs to keep the participants in line.

When two of my writer friends, Jocelyn Adams and Aimee Laine, boldly and publicly challenged each other in a race to the finish line in writing their current NiP’s the fighting talk commenced between the deadly duo.

Of course, they asked me to participate, but thanks to the edits due Book #2 of the Holloway Pack Stories (and the fact I type at, like, half the speed they do), I politely declined …

BUT a judge was still needed.

So … as judge (chortle) I get to make up some rules.

1)       The author canNOT write garbage. Each and every word must be relevant. No waffling (who d’you think you are? Me?)!

2)       You must both post your current word count in the comments section of this blog post, as well as your intended/estimated goal.

3)       You may each use whatever distraction techniques you deem necessary to give yourselves an advantage.

4)       You may toss complains my way about your challenger’s stalling methods, but you may NOT ask me to step in and mediate on them. I fully intend to remain impartial.

5)       Once you have written a bone fide conclusion to your novel, you will send the finished article to me via e-mail. I will check the word count, and I will also skim through to validate that you haven’t written garbage and that you have a worthy ending.

6)       Whoever sends me their finished novel first AND has me declare it a worthy product will be announced the winner!

7)       The winner will get to revel in their greatness in whatever way they choose.

8)       The loser will be expected to a) write a blog post bowing to the brilliance of the winner, and b) send chocolate (weighing no less than 100grams) to the winner.


What a great motivational tool this could turn out to be, eh? What ideas have you come up with to spur your fingers into action?


29 thoughts on “JUDGE JULIE!!!!

  1. Hahaha! Good luck to you Julie….getting between 2 determined women is incredibly brave. 🙂 Looking forward to finding out who wins!

    1. Hehehehe, people are telling me I’m brave but I’m safe in the knowledge that they can’t physically harm me without flying over here first, which would give me a big enough window to change my name, get plastic surgery and vanish. 😉

  2. Oh, hell! No, I did not know he’d posted. Gah! Can’t even trust the ones in my own house!!!!!
    Current word count is 51,000, on my way to 95,000, and the muse hasn’t even broken a sweat. Take that and stick it in your type-writer, Ms. Laine! Ha! 😀

  3. Okay, so what’s the price? He’s already trying to distract me. Someone’s a gonna get a hurt reeeeeeeal bad. I’m not a gonna say who ….. 🙂 (Hubby’ll get the reference, if nobody else does) 😀

  4. I’m not to sure about the ‘no waffling’ rule. Every piece needs a line of ‘wafflement’ here and there. It adds a measure of ‘now where were we.’

    1. One rule for one, and one rule for another. Only I am allowed to waffle in my work, Pauline. I expect higher standards from everyone else. Ha!

  5. All righty, I’m at 53,000 words, wrapped up chapter 16 and need some time to ponder Lila’s next torture … I mean move. 🙂 She’s growing up. ::sniff sniff:: Our Lila is growing into her queendom.

  6. Kastil, that’s not fair! That’s called a distraction. Now I’m gonna be thinking food when I need to be stretching my finger muscles for another 7000 word day! 🙂

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