Wanna hear about my day yesterday, which inspired the title of this post?

You do?

Cool. Then, read on.

Mr B (that would be my man) happened to be at home. Our daughters school have run a weeklong event of ‘Bring Your Dad to School Day’, in aid of Father’s Day (which is this Sunday in the UK), and Mr B had booked the day off work to attend that.

So … when a delivery guy knocked the front door like he meant business, Mr B was home to eavesdrop from upstairs.

I answered the door, looked at the package, and my heart beat a little faster … because I hadn’t ordered anything … which meant it could only be one thing.

My author copies of Darkness & Light.

Mr Delivery Guy gave me his machine and told me to sign it, so I took his stick thingymajig and stood on my doorstep sniggering like something demented whilst scrawling across his screen. That he looked at me like he considered me slightly odd as I exchanged it for my prize bothered me not one iota.

From there, I waltzed up the stairs and waved my brown box at Mr B.

“What’s that?” he said.

::snigger:: “I think it’s my books.” ::snigger::

I sat on the bed next to him, and set about the arduous task of opening an impossible-to-open parcel.

Mr B showed immense restraint. Because I COULD NOT DO IT!

Though, whilst my brain was screaming ‘Open up already you Mother of Pearl Son of a Biscuit!’, only sounds along the lines of, “Eeerrrrnnnnhhhhhh, why won’t it opeeennnnnnnnn?” passed my lips.

Forty-five hours later (okay, okay, it was closer to seconds), the box surrendered to my tenacious tugs, and the golden glow of precious cargo beamed out at me.

I reached in, drew out a book. Stared at it.  My book in my hands. Looked to Mr B.

When he held out his hand, I plopped it in there. He stared at it for a long minute before saying, “This one’s mine. Who’re the others for?”


It took me a good few words of gentle persuasion to get Mr B to unclaw his fingers from around my book, and once I had, I hopped down the stairs, grabbed the phone, and called my best friend.

After the ‘hello’s were out the way, I said, “My books have come.”

Silence followed. Not unexpected. I mean, I order a lot of books to read—could’ve been any books I was talking about, right?

Then the penny dropped. “You mean your books? Your books have come?”

::nod-like-a-jibber-jabber:: “Yep.” ::snigger::

“OH MY GOD!!!!! Wait there! I’m coming over! Wait there! I’m on my way!”

I have no idea where she thought I was going. ::stare::

Anyhoo, I paced the room, sending intermittent glances toward the front door, whispered inpatient ‘Come on’s beneath my breath.

The door knocked.

I pounced like a starved predator.

She raced inside. “Lemme see. I wanna see! Waaaannnnh!” (Okay, slight exaggeration in there, but I’m going for artistic license).

I showed her my book, and she took it like one would a new born baby (which it is—to me!).

“It’s beautiful,” she said.

::snigger:: “I know, right?”

She then proceeded to take photographs of my book in her hand, of her name in the acknowledgements (because she earned a very deserving mention), and then took ‘The Most Embarrassing Picture Ever!’ of me holding my book before my excitement had even had a chance to disappear.

Um … yeah … moving swiftly onward.

The book (the copy I have claimed as ‘Ours’) has already begun its search of admirers who want to stroke it. Last night, Mr B visited his friend’s tattoo parlour. “I need to take the book to show the guys!” Off it went.

This morning, I had the school run and shopping to do. I showed it to the mums I talk to on the playground. And then, when I got to the supermarket, I just happened to be served by a woman I know.

I thrust the book under her nose. “Wanna see?”

::startled-yet-comprehending-stare:: “This is your book?”

“Un-hunh,” I mumbled.


She then proceeded to tell the checkout lady behind her, and gave her the book to check it out (who was impressed), and passed it to the checkout lady on the other side (who read the blurb and asked lots of questions about it, which I answered with vigour—or like someone deranged). And any and all customers within earshot got a peek at our excitement.

Then, on my way home, I started wondering who I could share it with next … and I automatically thought of you guys. So, here they are—my author copies of Darkness & Light:

How about you? How did you feel when you first held a book with your name on? How did you feel when you got accepted for your first publication? Or, if you’re working toward it, how do you think you’ll react: calm and collected … or not so (like me)?



  1. First publication notice? I bawled my eyes out. After picking them off the floor, I texted my writing buddies at the time, and then went online to share it with my internet friends. I had the same reaction to the second publication too. I think it’s a joy everytime, honestly.

    As for a book? I’ll have to wait until they release that anthology to get a little glimmer of the joy you’re feeling right now.

    I am going to finish the YA novel I’m working on and get that into the shark tank by the end of the year. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a Christmas surprise of “Love it, want it” from a publisher. 🙂

    Until then, it’s write, draw, and send it all out.

    1. I hope you rinsed your eyeballs off before replacing them 😛

      I have got excited with each contract I’ve signed, but this is my baby, the one where it all started to click inside my head and I actually dared believe in myself, and the only one so far that will be released in print … but I’m still looking massively forward to my other stuff being released. So, yep, write, draw, and send them all out 🙂

  2. Oooooooh! Sooooooo pretty!!! 🙂 🙂 The first time someone offered to publish my work I think I forgot to breath. I mean my eyes were nearly bugging out of my head. The first time I got PAID for my work I actually danced on the spot and ran to tell my husband we could then by ice cream at McDonalds for BOTH of us. 😉 It feels sooooooooooooooooo good. 🙂 🙂 Your smile must still be stuck on. 🙂

  3. The first time I got published? Um. Well, I don’t know yet since this is my first time even trying to publish anything! But what will I do when it happens??? Make sure there isn’t a camera nearby.
    In the order of what I’m imagining this excitement feels like, I’m going to guess:
    #1. Holding my babies for the first time
    #2. Kissing my husband for the first time
    #3. Holding my very own copy of the book that I worked my tail off to write, edit and publish.
    #4. Meeting the President
    #5. Running into Gerard Butler at the grocery store

    Sound about right??
    Congrats to you Julie! Can’t wait to get my copy!!

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