… who’d have thought it?

I had a real fun day, today, spent with a pal of mine. She hauled me into Birmingham City Centre (a place I usually avoid like the plague, due to my aversion of crowds) to look into the library there, as well bookstores for Darkness & Light.

But one look at the entrance to the museum …

… and … well … we got sidetracked.

Then, to top it all, what was supposed to be a quick glance around the first exhibit turned into a tour of most of the building (some places more than once, when we got lost and went around in circles).

We studied art, ancient Egypt, old tribal masks, sandals from 1000 years B.C., and much more …

We also found some wooden masks that we couldn’t resist trying on. With no one else around besides us, we mucked about some and laughed a lot.

But then, of course, I needed a rest.

It was an absolute hoot.  And not for one minute did it stand in the way of our mission for the day.

A trip to the main central library resulted in my book details being passed on to the buying department.

After a visit to Waterstone’s, I walked away with details on how they work with Indie-published authors.

And all of this happened after my friend treated me to breakfast to celebrate the upcoming release of Darkness & Light.

All in all, I’ve had a great day.

So … do you mix business with pleasure? How’s that going for you?



  1. Does it count if your mixing includes writing at work or updating the blog while at the office? My pleasure is the writing stuff, the business… well that part is self explanitory. 😛

    1. Absolutely. 🙂 As my life revolves around my writing, I don’t have the issue of trying to juggle it with a full-time job, but I know a lot who do–and so many of them seem to be in a position to write from their office (I’d probably get the sack if that were me). 🙂

  2. Hmmm. Well, I guess I sorta mix business with pleasure on downtime at work. But then, I dunno if that’s really mixing it….just sort of takin advantage of breaks, lunch and the rare slowdown. If I look at business as the writing part, sometimes I write on the way to do something fun – in the car! Of course, I’m not driving in that case….in the event you were curious.
    Haha! Sounds like a fun day 🙂

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