A writer buddy is a precious gem: Bordering on priceless … but more than worth the investment.

Finding one is easy. Finding the right one is hard. If you’re successful in the mission, and discover what you seek, hold onto the treasure like your life depends on it.

Anyone who has never found the ‘right’ writer buddy for them possibly won’t understand the true value of one. Critique sites are great (or review sites, depending on how you roll). You get all that awesome feedback from a variety of writers/readers. They give you a wider audience with differing opinions, and you end up with every aspect dissected because one will always find what the others miss.

So, why the heck do I need a writer buddy, then?

Because, if you find The One, a real Preciousssss (said in a Golem accent), they just may be the only person on the face of the planet who 100% gets you (apart from your other half).

They get you as a person. They get you as a writer. In order for it to reach the point where this person is a true writer buddy, you will have poured your heart and soul out to them, and they are so in tune with what makes you tick, it borders on being a love affair.

My writer buddy knows me. She knows my writing. Even when I change my ‘voice’ for a new character, she knows my style. Damn, she even knows my characters to the point she could probably win a round on Mastermind answering questions on them.

Nothing I write is ever too ‘off-the-wall’ to her. Nothing is ever crap. Nothing is ever unsalvageable.

But she’s also not afraid to tell me what she thinks. If I’ve written something boring (it has happened), she tells me. If my writing drags (um … and that), she tells me. If I end a chapter in the wrong place (yeah, that’s happened, too), she tells me. Inconsistencies, bad descriptions, wonkiness, stepping out of character, horrid or unnatural dialogue, she tells me of them all.

She sees my writing at first draft. She edits/critiques my writing at first draft. She yells at me about my first drafts.

Amongst all of her rants, complaints, pointing out of errors, she also remembers to tell me what I’m doing right.

She tells me to quit moaning that I can’t write today and suck it up. She shouts at me to get on with the next chapter because don’t I know she’s waiting to read it, dammit! Some days, when I’m low, when the battles of writing (ones only a true writer can sympathise with and understand) … some days, she’s the reason I keep going.

I raise a glass to you, my writer buddy. I thank whatever fate nudged you to cross my path. As for a direct show of appreciation, I’m just not sure there are words powerful enough to portray it (and that says a lot, coming from a writer). But I’m pretty sure she’ll read this. Whether or not she’ll out herself is another matter (I’m too scared to out her, in case I end up having to share—ha!). But if she reads this … I’m hoping she ‘gets’ it.

So … who else out there has been fortunate to grab themselves the grand prize of a writer buddy? And not just a writer buddy, but a True Writer Buddy?


12 thoughts on “AS PRECIOUS AS GOLD!

  1. Awe! You must have a real symbiotic relationship with this person, whomever he/she may be. 🙂 I’d make sure you keep her really happy so she never leaves. 😉

  2. I have one. I’m lucky I have her. I can’t imagine writing my story without her input. She does know me and my writing better than my other half. She is my ‘better half’ when it comes to writing. Without her, my novel would literally suck. She, too, encourages me when I’m down, prods me when I want to give up, shouts when something I’ve written is completely annoying and pumps me up when I want to dump the novel in the toilet. She is worth her weight in gold. Actually, she’s worth a gazillion times more. She deserves more than my thanks. She deserves more than I can ever give in return and I thank the heavens every day for bringing her to me.

  3. I’m too new to this writing gig to have one “writing soul mate”, though I know I’d go mental without our little Pen Sister’s group – you know who you are ::stare::

    You tell me when I get it write and get the whip out when I don’t. You listen to me vent and cheer, and when my family does something crazy. You lift me up the odd time life gets me down, and give me the confidence to go after what I want for my writing career.

    My glass goes up to all of you fine, wonderful ladies. ::clink-clink::

    Love ya!

    1. The Pen Sister’s are definitely worthy of a raised glass. I have to agree with you that the level of support we all get from one another is phenomenal. To discover so many like-minded gals who share a wavelength is just awesome. I consider myself pretty blessed to have such peeps within reach of my clickety fingertips.

  4. For a second there, I thought we were going to have the same blog post this week! (no worries) LOL

    You are so right, a writing buddy does make all the difference. The online workshops like Scribophile provide great feedback, but its when you can exchange candid ideas back and forth without all of the formalities, that the real editing takes place. 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t have worried about matching blog posts. Great minds often have cross over thoughts 😉
      What I get from my writer buddy–that little something extra–is the constant of her being there when I need her to be. I can spend an entire day back & forth chatting about a singular chapter, and not once does she complain (she’s probably cursing me beneath her breath, though–ha!). 🙂

  5. I used to have two writing buddies. For a while there, we helped each other through a private site and email. Then, well, I guess their lives got busy. It was like I was doing for them but they could be bothered to do for me.

    Thanks to the Pen Sisters. Without you. Well, you know. 🙂

    1. The thing with writer buddies is that it HAS to be a two-way street. If it isn’t, the one doing all the work is gonna end up worn down. Like a true friendship, you have to give in order to receive 🙂

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