… that I received a rather awesome email from my publisher offering a second contract to the prequel to DARKNESS & LIGHT.

Yee-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! This is great news!

INSTINCT will be my second release—a novella that will be available in ebook formats, with a contracted release of January 2012.
Instinct will give a lot of insight into the characters featured in Darkness & Light. It will be a great addition to the story I hope everyone will enjoy, and I’m very excited that it will have the opportunity to be published.

How in the world did she manage to get a second contract, you all ask?

I’m damned if I know. All I do know is I shared the novella with my publisher and they responded with an offer of contract—so I’m somewhat guessing they liked it.


With the upcoming release date for Darkness & Light (only 10 weeks away), it’s kinda nice to have this little (okay, MEGA!) distraction to focus on for a couple days.
My life’s pretty cool right now.
It just goes to show: persevering, BELIEVING in YOURSELF, and remaining POSITIVE can pay off.
Took me a while to get there.
Now I wanna stay.

I look forward to taking you all on another journey through my publication process.

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12 thoughts on “I’M EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE …

  1. I’m so excited because I love the prequel and love that it’s being published AFTER D&L releases. It’s SO fitting. It’s the perfect *weird* but perfect order for it! 🙂 🙂

    1. Ha! I get what you mean and couldn’t agree more. Very excited that I’m getting to share this additional depth to Sean & Jem. 🙂
      Thanks, Aimee 🙂

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