So … Darkness & Light is being released July 1st. It’s official. I know so, because my publisher’s site says so. Check it out:

What now?

I’ll sit back, relax, wait for the date to roll round, and then reap the rewards, right?

Um … no.

Anyone who is serious about their writing would have done enough research to know that nobody’s book sells without a tonne of networking. Because … what good is having a book for sale if nobody knows it’s there? So, what am I doing about this, you ask? Much more than I thought I’d need to. Man, there are sites out there for promoting my book that I didn’t even know existed.

And I’m going to share them with you—starting with the most obvious:

Twitter. If you haven’t a twitter account, sign up for one. The place takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s ain’t that bad.

Facebook. Set yourself up an author page and let the world know you’re taking your craft seriously. Seriously, it’s a good move.

Goodreads. A place where vast amounts of readers (and what do we need to sell our book? Readers!) huddle to share their views on all the books they read, to give recommendations, and you can even sign up as an author and list your own work on there and collect fans. An easy (ish) place to navigate and get yourself on the right road to being recognised as a published author.

Shelfari. A place very much like the above mentioned Goodreads, but linked to Amazon.

Authors Den. Now this one, admittedly, I’m still getting used to, and so don’t have a whole lot of input for how it works, but I’m slowly figuring it out.

Book Buzzr. Another one I’m working my way through figuring out, but I’m getting there. From what I’ve seen of it, this allows you to showcase a sample of your work so it looks like an Ebook (don’t quote me on that), so readers get a glimpse of the goods before they buy.

The next one I intend to check out is librarything:

And on top of these, you should be blogging. If you aren’t, why not? But make your blogs consistent. Keep them true to you. Don’t make crazy sporadic blogs, to the point they’re changing daily, but then nobody hears a peep from you for weeks. Try and find a blogging schedule that fits in with the time you have to offer it, and stick to that schedule—that way, your followers will have an idea of what to expect from you. And never forget, or underestimate that powerful word of mouth.

If someone asks you what you do, or what you’ve been up to, don’t peer down at the floor and mumble, “Oh, you know, been writing some story to pass the time.”

Oh no! That’s not the way to do it!

Hold your head up high, man, smile with pride in your eyes, and say, “I’m an author. I write novels.”

Nine times out of ten, whoever you tell, wants to know more.

(Of course, there’s a chance I’ve forgotten some decent sites—Monday’s are never kind to my brain)

So … there you have it … some of what I’ve learnt about social networking my novel.

What about you? Got any other helpful suggestions/amazing sites/experiences to share?


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