…for about thirty seconds, anyway.

Today, I’m taking some much needed time out. Some me time. A chance to recuperate, and regenerate my brain cells after spending the last couple weeks working my butt off with editing. Yes, last night, I completed my line edits on my novel ms (at 11:30pm), and sent off what I hope is (as close as damn it to) the finished product to the publisher for their eagle eyed inspection.

What did my edits achieve? I (hopefully) lost every ounce of passive voice. I lost every single word I didn’t need, thus improving the pace. I almost lost the will to live (but that wasn’t until a couple chapters before the end). I lost around 4,000 words, bringing my novel down to a little over 115k (but we won’t mention that the very first draft clocked in at 161,000 words, okay?).

Now what?

I relax.

But not for long. Because I have marketing to do, and research to do, and a thousand and one other projects I can work on, networking to do (speaking of which, would love if you all came visited me at Twitter, or my FB author page, by using the links on yonder right>>>>>).

Once I’ve gotten over my fortnight of being almost non-stop hunched over the desk until the tension in my shoulders reached the point of spontaneous combustion … I shall be back with more updates.

I have some exciting happenings coming up. And I very much intend to share.


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