That’s my word of the day.


Well, my beta readers thought my novel was good enough to plead with me to pursue publication for it … so I thought it must be good enough to offer it to a publisher … and the publisher thought it was good enough to offer me a contract.

Yeah! I did it!

Now, I can sit back, relax, write book number 4,098,584 in the chronicles of my characters lives, and wait for it to come out and the sales to flood in, baby.



Because NOBODY should care as much about promoting your book as YOU!

Your book is YOUR baby, if you liken it to childbirth—except the labour lasts for weeks/months/years before the crazy ideas inside your head are truly born!

YOU are the one who should care the most about its success (although different writers will have varying opinions on what defines success)!

And if you don’t do your utmost to promote what you’ve worked so hard at, then the only person you’re failing is yourself!

I have no guarantee my book will sell. That kind of thing just don’t come with assurances, and yes, like any other author whose novel hits the market, there is a risk of disappointment.

But the one thing I don’t intend to be disappointed in is myself.

Between now and launch day, I have a billion and one things to do (slight exaggeration there, before y’all jump on me).

The only attitude I’m facing that with is: Bring it on!


6 thoughts on “112 DAYS TO GO!

  1. Well said, Julie. Great attitude, and the one you need to have if you’re to succeed. I’m spreading the word for you! 🙂

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