No, I don’t inspire myself.  However, one of my novels, DARNESS AND LIGHT, did inspire a local artist into producing a ‘cover’ for me as a gift.

I barely knew this woman.  Her son is a school friend of my son, and they live in a different borough to us.  My son visited them a few times.  The first couple times they came to collect him, or drop him home, the kids parents’ introduced themselves.  I only met his mother once.  Thankfully, in an unconscious transition, I’d crossed the boundary of how I referred to my writing when speaking to others.  I no longer mumbled I wrote for a hobby because I was bored of being just a housewife.  If I’m asked what I do, I say: I write novels, and the words leave my mouth with a natural flow that requires no consideration.

This lady obviously paid attention.  Every time my son visited, she asked him how my writing was going, and told him how she’d love to read some of my work (yes, I have a teenage son who does more than grunt at me—he tells me when people have asked after me, too).

Anyhow, the time arose when I needed some beta readers for the first novel in my paranormal romance series, and so I told my son to call up his friend and ask if his mum fancied the job.  Shockingly (to me), she jumped at the chance, and so within an hour she had a copy of DARKNESS AND LIGHT.

Well, she read it.  And she LOVED it.  She called me up when she reached the end, and spent an hour on the phone telling me exactly what she loved about it, and practically pleaded for reassurance that I had more stuff for her to read.

Of course I did.  I had the second in the series.

And on the promise to send BLUE MOON to her as soon as I’d finished the rewrite and a round of edits, I said my goodbye with a whopping great smile on my face.

I’d have been smiling even wider if I’d known the true extent of just how much she’d loved it.  As an artist who works mostly on a commission basis, Dawn doesn’t get to be free with her creativity when painting, or producing artwork.  BUT … the day after she finished reading DARKNESS AND LIGHT, she got out her tools and started to create … because she’d been inspired … by what I’d written.

Wow!  Right?

This week, she brought me the gift of what she’d created.  With the help of her graphic artist brother, she’d created a book cover, and attached it to a novel-sized book to give to me, simply because she believed I deserved to know how it would feel to hold a book in my hands with my name on it.

Wow!  Right?

You wanna know how it felt?  Pretty darn amazing.

We all receive different kinds of encouragement for our writing—it’s what keeps us going (even if the encouragement comes deep from within ourselves).

How about you?  Got any inspiration/encouraging stories to share?

Here’s proof of the above-mentioned one of mine:

D&L Book Cover Created by Dawn Whipps

10 thoughts on “INSPIRED BY … ME!

    1. Thanks, Claire, I thought so. Of course, Dawn probably thinks I’m completely insane now because I spent the first five minutes jumping on the spot and clapping my hands when she handed it over. 🙂

  1. Great cover! I’m jealous in a very, very good way! See, it pays to talk to everyone.

    I tell everyone I write novels. Everyone is always interested. Their eyes light up like you’re some sort of celebrity. It’s all pretty cool.

    I had a well-respected published author and literary judge tell me after he read my novel, In the Shadow of the Dragon King, if he were a commissioning editor for a major publisher, he’d sign me right away. I was so blown away as this came completely out of the blue. His words inspire me every day to keep plugging away and perfect this novel as well as the two remaining novels in the saga, and send them out.

    I am truly happy for you. So, when do the queries go out???

    1. Thanks, Jen. And go, you! With comments like those, you have no reasons not to keep going, girl!

      Queries? For Darkness and Light? Trust me, I’ve sent a LOT. Don’t worry, you’ll see it published this year. 😉

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