No, I’m not talking about the vibrations of a mobile phone, or a swarm of flying insects, or even the joys of sitting on a washing machine on full spin.

I’m talking about the formulation of those little seeds of ideas into the openings of something bigger.

I have spent so much time recently rewriting and editing, as well as editing for other writers, that I forgot how it feels to just follow my muse.

A week back, as I came to the end of the first round of edits on my rewritten novel “Blue Moon”, I even had a huge ‘what if’ moment.

WHAT IF this is it?

WHAT IF I can’t think up any more story ideas?

WHAT IF I’ve bled my well of imagination dry?

WHAT IF this is all I’ve got to give?

My chest seized a little.  The rhythm of my pulse heightened like the crescendo of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  Because I had a horrible moment of: WHAT IF this is it?

Then ‘it’ happened.

A few days ago, an idea I’d toyed with at the end of last year, but pushed aside to improve my craft, nudged its way back in … and all my ‘what if’ questions altered their course—for the better.

WHAT IF I change the pov, and write from the perspective of a different character in my stories?

WHAT IF I don’t involve all the people I’d initially intended to, but introduce new ones to open up fresh opportunities?

WHAT IF—by bringing this character to the forefront—I give him some arcs, spice up his life, allow my readers to truly ‘see’ him for the first time?

WHAT IF I stop pondering over it and just bring this baby to life?

So I have.  I started yesterday.  Wrote the opening paragraphs (half a page).  Added a little more (until I had a full page).  Sent it out to a beta reader, and a writer buddy from North Carolina.  Got back a couple of “Ooooooohhh’s”.  Used their encouragement to produce more words (and took a breather at three pages).

Then today, after chatting with the super hot, hunky, dark-haired guy inside my head (otherwise known as my muse), I knew where I wanted the rest of the opening chapter to go.  Thanks to him, to my reader and writer buddy’s endless support, and to my wonderful head for not letting me down when I needed it to work for me most, chapter one of my new novel, “Caged”, has been born … and THAT is the buzz I’m referring to.


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  1. Gotta love a muse who’s a “hot, hunky, dark-haired guy” and better yet that he’s “inside my head” so you don’t have to feed him, clean up after him and can steal *whatever* you need from him. 😉

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