YES!!!!! I DID IT!

On November 1st, I started on the long road that is NaNoWriMo, convinced it would be easy.

“No problem,” I said.

I’d have agreed (with myself) wholeheartedly, had I not also been halfway through a rewrite of a novel I just needed to finish (dammit!).

I made it to the 10th before I realised I just couldn’t do both.

Unfortunately for NaNo, my WIP novel rewrite took precedence, and so ‘Changed’ (my NaNo novel) got nudged aside.

Fortunately for NaNo, my WIP novel rewrite had been completed by the 16th and, after humming and harring over if I could still achieve the word count, I picked my NaNo back up (which was 12000 words behind), crossed the finish line on Sunday with a deep sigh of relief … and the first 50000 (or just over) words of ‘Changed’ were born.

This was some major achievement for me, in terms of word count for the month.  If I go by the counter on my Word documents, I’d written 72000 words on my WIP rewrite alone before I picked up to add onto the 19000 already written for NaNo.  So, if I add the two together, what do I get for a month of knuckling down?

A grand total of 122,300 words—in 28 days!!!!!

Is it any wonder my arms fell off and have yet to be found?  And just in case you’re all wondering what my lovely-jubbly official certificate looks like, here’s my proof of winnership:


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