Ever have notions spinning in your head but you don’t know what to do with them?  Maybe you’re a lover of books, always thought the idea of writing seemed a cool one, but worried nobody would be interested in anything you’ve written?

Well, I can relate—more so to the latter than the first.

Because I soooooo thought I lacked the ability to entertain on a literary level (or any other level, for that matter).  If not for the encouragement to ‘write it already’, I may still be at that point now.

I got lucky with my friend and sister.  They had the confidence that I lacked in myself.  They talked me into writing down my little fabricated tale that I had running around and partying with my muse, banging on the inside of my skull every so often and pleading to be let out.  Thanks to them, I pushed aside my inhibitions and started my first novel.

I never knew I wanted to be a writer.  When asked, people seem shocked that I’d never thought of doing it before last year, seem shocked that creative writing isn’t a subject I’ve studied.  Even last year I didn’t know I’d enjoy it until I tried.

I simply had thoughts that needed to get out of my mind before they drove me insane … so I began to write, and honestly believed it would be tedious, that it would feel like some kind of comprehensive writing essay, that I’d grow bored before I’d done.

I could not have been more wrong.  I loved every darn minute of it—still do.

So, if your answer to the opening questions are yes, and yes, (or even no to the second), then what are you waiting for?

Push your worries aside, quit worrying about whether or not your writing will turn out any good (because you won’t know unless you try), and JUST DO IT!


4 thoughts on “JUST DO IT!

  1. Well said and I couldn’t agree more. Who knows if it’s going to be good or bad anyway until it’s written and out there for the world. Life is full of risks and this is definitely one worth taking.

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