What the heck is NaNo, you all ask?  Then check this out:

NaNo, or NaNoWriMo, is short for National Novel Writing Month, and November is it!

Yep, in the month of November, hoards of writers will flock to the site to rise to the challenge of writing a novel in 30 days.

Sound like insanity?

I very much expect it to be.

Earlier in the year, I clicked on the site (discovered in a google search), and read through the simple rules: write a novel of 50,000 words or more, starting Novemeber 1st, and complete before the end of November 30th … and, hey presto, you’ve won.

My thoughts: Are these people crazy?  Who on earth writes a novel in a month?  Why would they do this to themselves? Needless to say, I didn’t join up.  I did bookmark the site, though.

On the critiquing site I use (, posts have appeared in the forums since August about NaNo, urges to join in the ‘fun’, encouragement, questions about how people plough through, discussions on plotting over going with your muse.  What happened when I read the forum posts?  I got suckered in.

Now … before you all go accusing me of being off my trolley, you should know I spent at least twenty minutes assuring myself it was doable.

First of all, I worked out how many words I’d have to write on a daily basis to achieve the 50k within the time scale: 1600-1700.  Some days I write 4k with little to no struggle.

Then I chatted with a writer friend who’d participated previously and has every intention of doing so again this year.  More little nudges at me to join in.

Plus, a lot of the folks I converse with on my regular writing sites are joined up for it, which will probably make those pretty lonely places to peruse throughout the month of November.  Those guys are often my lifeline, my link to normalcy on an abstractive level (I say that because they’re as mad as me, but at least they draw me from my fantasy-built worlds for short and much-needed breaks).  I don’t particularly wish to be a Billy-no-mates, so I went ahead and signed up.  After all, the NaNo site is as much a community as any other writer’s site.

So … who will I see there?  Are you crazy enough to join in?



    1. Yep, I know you’re in (and I’m relieved about it because I have no idea how to use the site ;P So expect nagging emails from a stressed-out me LOL).

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