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Wheeee! Yet another week of 6 Sentence Sunday. Thank you so much to all those who keep coming back.

Last week, I introduced you to a Chapter 8 scene from my paranormal romance novel, Darkness & Light, where ‘something strange’ appeared to be happening to Jem’s body—whilst at the local department store. This week’s offering is a continuation of that scene. In fact, it’s Peter’s—Jem’s husband—response to her ‘unusual behaviour’, just after she asks the question: Did I do anything?

Hope you enjoy.

I cringed, waiting for him to tell me I’d pranced about the store with howls flying freely. In front of Saturday shoppers? Too much to bear.

“What do you mean, Jem, did you do anything?” The basket swung in an arc with his gesturing arm. “You bloody fell on your knees, closed your eyes, and sniffed the f*****g air like a bloodhound.”

Peter: Such a nice fellow. :)

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Roll up! Roll up!

On 8th August, I made the announcement that Fated Encounter was going to be unleashed on the world. I also made the declaration that I’d written it with the intention of it being free and that, after I’d shared it with my editor, J. Taylor Publishing were only too happy to support my goal and help me to achieve it.

As promised, Fated Encounter is now available.


If you’re wondering if it’s any good, why not check out Ambur’s review of the ARC I sent her at BurningxImpossiblyxBright to see what she thinks—she’s also hosting a giveaway of Darkness & Light.

For those too impatient, just grab your FREE copy of Fated Encounter for E-Reader, by clicking HERE!

Or if you have a Kindle, you can nab yourself a copy HERE!

Well, wotttaya waitin’ for? Go get ‘em! Now!

Psssssst, and feel free to spread the word. :)

Darkness & Light is available at the following outlets:


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Goodreads. I love it!

That isn’t what this post is about, but it is the major source of the information for it. I joined as a reader, got upgraded to an author, though I have to admit the time I spend on there is definitely reader orientated even if my reading habits reflect otherwise.

What am I talking about?

Research, my friends.

As a paranormal romance/urban fantasy author with a debut novel, which just happens to be a first in a whole set of stories I hope to share with the world, I am IMMENSLEY intrigued by what keeps a reader returning to the same author and characters, book after book, year after year.

I’d only been on Goodreads a matter of weeks when invitations started rolling in to join various Groups. I thought I was being strategic by joining all the PNR and UF Groups. I had a shock when I got there. Conversation after conversation rolled on and on … about books and authors I’d barely heard of, let alone read. I kept creeping on in, reading what people had to say, found myself awed by the passion with which these readers spoke of the stories (that I’d never heard of) … and man, my curiosity nearly burned a hole in my brain.

Yes, the reader in me so wanted to be able to be a part of these conversations. But the writer in me was totally overtaken by a desperate need to know why these certain series’ are so popular with the mass readers of the genre(s).

So what did I do?

Well, I went on a whacko book ordering frenzy.

But not before I’d asked for a couple recommendations.

The moment I did, I was accepted into the fold. People of Goodreads: you are amazing!

They nudged me in the right directions. Told me where to start. Told me what they loved about the books and why and convinced me I’d fall in love with them, too.

I was dubious. I always am when someone I don’t know tries to convince me I’ll love something. My dubiousness was short lived.

Yes, I needed to know what was so special about these books. Yes, I had to understand why readers keep coming back for more. Yes, I wanted to ‘feel’ the passion that provokes so much discussion of one series.

And I may actually be getting to the bottom of the mystery. Because I have found some great reads.

Sure, there have been some series where I’ve bought the first book and wondered what all the fuss is about.

So I head into my groups, type out words along the lines of: I don’t get it.

Like vultures, the groupies (ha! Sorry, GR friends) jump up and yell, no, the first isn’t the best story, you need to keep on, please keep reading, please don’t give up, listen to us we know what we’re talking about.

So I listen to them. I am an author. These people are readers. I have to trust they know what they like or I’m doomed … right?

And every time they have made me read on ‘because it only gets better’, they have been so totally right!

Thanks to listening to readers, I have stumbled across some amazing series’. Series that have left me hungry for more (or not—but the encouragement of others has swept me along). Series that I have been unable to put down. Series that I have fallen in love with.

And I shall be sharing my thoughts on these series with you. I’d love for it to be every week, but alas, I just can’t read an entire series that fast AND write new stuff to send to my editor for publication. So I shall aim for once a month. The second week of every month (starting 12th September), I shall be chatting about series I have been introduced to by readers and what I think brings folks back for more.

What about you? Are there any book series’ you’ve fallen in love with that you’ve just had to read because you’re not ready to say adios to the characters? Any you’d care to recommend?

Darkness & Light is available at the following outlets:


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Way back around Easter time -ish, I signed a contract for my novella, Instinct.

I’m mucho excited about this one, as this is a tale I wrote for totally selfish reasons because I had an urge to discover what made Sean Holloway tick.

So … this is a story that takes readers way back to the beginning.

In Instinct, the reader will get to understand how it all began between Jem and Sean of Darkness & Light.

And … today … I get to share the cover and blurb with the Internet world.


Let me just say, I LOVE it!

Each earlier mock cover that was sent for me to check out got a kind of ‘Ummm’ reaction from me.

Then this one came, and my response upgraded to ‘oooooh’.

I’m not going to tell you what sold it for me. If you study it well enough, you’ll figure it out for yourself.

So, I guess I’d better give you the chance to do exactly that then, eh?


Continue reading INSTINCT! THE BIG REVEAL!



Thank you so much for the great response.

The correct answers are:

1) No. of male members in the Holloway Pack:

7 – as the Holloway PACK is made up of more than just the three Holloway men. The Larsen’s are also members of the pack.

2) My two favourite quotes from the book:

“My name’s Sean, Jem. I’m Sean.” or “Welcome back, Jem.”

3) The name of my novella (sequel to Darkness & Light):




Congratulations, Joanne.

And congratulations, also, to April Kirkland, WildAboutBones, & Ruth Steven, who have all won a signed bookmark.

I shall be contacting you all at some point today to arrange shipping.

Thanks again to all who participated. There were some great messages in the entrees, and you all made it a lot of fun.



The official launch date of Darkness & Light is upon us and the time has arrived to bestow my writing upon the world.

Let me just take a moment: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I’m good again.

To celebrate (Yeee-haaaah!), I am giving away one signed print copy of Darkness & Light.

Three runner’s up will also receive a signed Darkness & Light bookmark each.

So … do you want to win a copy?


I can’t hear you!

I said: Do you want to win a copy? Continue reading WIN A SIGNED COPY OF DARKNESS & LIGHT!


Do you believe in this?

I used to think I didn’t. Now I’m a little less sceptical of the saying.
You see, I used to take the expression literally.
My fiction contains supernatural races, such as (predominantly) werewolves. I describe the transformation from human to wolf. I show the wolf’s race to capture a meal and his/her chow down on it.
Surely, if it went without saying that writer’s only ‘wrote what they knew’ … then I’d be in a straight jacket already?
Anyway, someone brought this up recently, when I was chatting to some writer friends about settings in the US for a new project. I wanted to write a UK MC, and stick her somewhere real forestry in the US.
Why? For the simple reason that when I wrote my opening scene, the voice of the male character she’s conversing with had—in my head—a slightly southern US accent.
Then, one of the members of the group piped up with: Why are you making more work for yourself by ensuring you have to do research (or words to that effect)? Why not just set it where you live? Isn’t it a common saying to ‘write what you know’?
My initial thought was ‘poppycock’.
One: where I live no way has the correct setting.
Two: if I only wrote what I knew into my work, my characters would lead a very boring life—or certainly not an exciting enough one that folks would want to read about them.
But that was a couple weeks ago. And since then, the irritating little sentence has been brewing in my mind, taunting me, whispering at me in insistence to figure out how it applies to my work.
This morning, I believe I discovered the answer. Said answer may well have booted my scornful attitude of the saying aside.
Let’s take a look at why.
What do I write?


Seriously? Is that it? I asked myself.

Well … um … okay, I write about (1) relatable and believable relationships.

Un-hun … go on.

Um … I write about (2) love, (3) destiny & fate.

Un-hun … and …

::Sigh:: I write about (4) self-discovery. (5) Finding ‘The One’. (6) Self-acceptance. (7) Battles of life and the willingness to fight to overcome them if you believe something is worth the effort. (8) Going to the ends of the earth for those you believe in. (9) Emotions—control of/lack of control of.


(Yes, I really did hold this conversation with myself—no comments on this are necessary ::stare::).

If I had more time to ponder, I’m pretty certain the list would go on and on. But even after coming up with just this short list, my initial response was: Huh? Really? I have all of that in my work?
The answer is YES!

Without even realising it, I have spent the past 5.8 novel attempts ‘writing what I know’. Just because all the werewolf stuff is made up (honestly, doctor, it is), doesn’t mean I haven’t drawn on my other life experiences (um … ignore how wrong that sounds) to portray them in a realistic light in my writing.
Let’s take a look at those I listed off the top of my head and see how they got there.

1) Relatable & believable relationships.
I’ve had a lot of relationships. Not all of them good. Not all of them boyfriends/partners/whatnot. I mean folks who have crossed my path and played a part (however big or small) in my life. My ripe-ish age of 38 (almost 39) certainly helps with this because I’ve had plenty of years to cram in meeting a whole lot of people to study and spend time with.

2) Love.
I am in love. And I also love. ’Nuff said.

3) Destiny & fate.
I know some folks don’t believe in that twaddle. I, however, do. I believe that things in life happen for a reason (for example, each time a submission is turned down, I channel my thoughts along the lines of: it’s not meant to be/they’re not the right publisher/agent/whatever). I believe every person who enters my life (in whatever way, shape or form) has done so for a reason.

And don’t forget the saying ‘what doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger.’ Personally, I’d be whacking that saying right in here along with these two words.

4) Self-discovery.
Yeah, this is a hard one. Self discovery can be something as simple as me finally figuring out that writing was what I want to do. It can be figuring out I’m not the greatest Mum in the world (though my bambinos tell me otherwise), but I rest easy because I try my best.
Self discovery is not something that has to occur whilst on a year long trek through Tibet.

5) Finding ‘The One’.
Don’t believe? That’s fine. I do. I’m still with him 21 years later. AND (head back up to #2) I’m still in love.

6) Self-acceptance.
This often pairs with self discovery. There’s no point discovering who you are if you then can’t accept the discovery. You should spend every day trying to be a better person. Not because you think it might make others happy. Not because you believe in karma and good things will come your way if you do. You should do so for yourself.
I’m a huge enforcer of the saying: the first person who has to love you is you. Love yourself (not your appearance, but your inner self, your soul), and then the rest will come.

7) Battles of life and overcoming them.
This is another one that can go from the tiniest of references to something really grand scale.
Bottom end: A bill comes in. You can’t quite afford to pay it. Being a responsible adult with a house to keep over your head, you find a way to get that bill paid and ensure your kids don’t have to read their books by candlelight (because there’s no electricity for the TV).
Right at the freakin’ top end: You lose someone you love. Most people have had this kind of tragedy to deal with. Some deal better than others. However you manage (or don’t) to cope with this kind of trauma in your life, you are fighting a battle to come out the other end with as much of yourself still intact as possible.

8 ) Going to the ends of the earth …
I’m a parent. What more is there to say?

9) Emotions.
Yeah, I’ve dealt with more than my fair share of these. My moods can plummet from stupidly happy to a state of zombification within minutes. I’ve been up and down, and dealt with it any way I can at the time. I won’t go into all the different emotions, but just know … I’ve BTDT!

And there it was. A few written words. A few moments careful consideration. And I realised …
I’ve been ‘writing what I know’ all along.
It’s all the other stuff around this lot that I make up.

How about you? How do your life experiences bleed into your writing?