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COVER REVEAL: Make Believe Anthology

You might recall, around 10 days ago, I announced that my short story, ESCORT TO INSANITY, had been contracted for the MAKE BELIEVE anthology.

Well, the time has come to share the cover and blurb.

Here’s the cover:

It’s so pretty. LOVE the red against the white.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand here’s the blurb:

Sacrificial Oath by Terri Rochenski

An impetuous act unwittingly makes Alesuela the fulfillment of the Sovereign’s Blood Oath to their Goddess. In five days, she’ll be forced to make the greatest choice of her life: become the virginal sacrifice already promised, or force the man she loves most to die in her place. 

With an impossible choice in front of her, she searches for ways to undo the oath, and in her quest, finds not everything in her life is as she expects.

The Amulet of Ormisez by J. Keller Ford

There is only one way to save Elton Fletcher’s brother from an insanity-ridden death.

After years away from home, fighting for his people, Elton returns to discover his only sibling, Cayden, possessed by greed and malice, and responsible for malicious, unthinkable deeds. Cayden, though, isn’t the only one afflicted by the Amulet of Ormisez, and Elton finds himself in yet another battle, where the price of failure could be his own life.

Birthright by Lynda R. Young

Christa can mask the pain and hide the scars, but running from a birthright is impossible. 

She’s tried to escape her grief by fleeing to a small town in Florida. Much to her frustration, the locals think they recognize her even though she’s never been there before. To make things worse, a man named Jack spouts outrageous theories about her.

Both spur Christa to bolt, to start fresh yet again, but there’s something about Jack that intrigues her enough to stay. The only problem? Someone else wants her to leave, and they won’t stop until she’s dead.

Petrified by Kelly Said

A mysterious storm has replaced summer with winter, devastating crops and smothering Castle lands in snow.  Prince Sterling August stands alone as a leader, lost in personal grief as well as a desire to help his people but with an inability to do either. 

The answers he needs await him, but without Lochlyn, a woman who’s just as isolated as Sterling, he’ll never see what stands before him, cloaked in illusion.

Last Winter Red by Jennifer M. Eaton

Emily is a Red, a woman whose sole purpose in life is to produce offspring. When her husband dies and leaves her childless, she risks her life and forsakes the safety of Terra—a disease-free city born after the nuclear holocaust. Beyond its boundaries, she knows, survives a man with whom she can be properly paired.

The Outside, though, holds secrets the government struggles to keep, and what Emily discovers on her quest for a mate will change her life forever.

Escort to Insanity by J.A. Belfield

From a charity auction, to a stroll in the park, to the craziest night of her life. Nicole Harrington can’t help but wonder how a simple event went so drastically wrong.

Of course, the male escort she booked is wholly to blame. Not only charming but shrewdly intelligent, Benjamin Gold drags Nicole into a platoon of unimaginable problems—ones from which she’ll have to find the courage just to survive.

Yeah, mine’s the crazy sounding one. ;)

Well, what did you expect?

So, whatcha thunk? Like?

MAKE BELIEVE will be available December 3rd. :)

Pssst, if ya wanted to add it to your Goodreads in the meantime, all’s ya gotta do is click on the link. ;)

NEWS: Escort to Insanity is Contracted!

Sometime last winter, around November time, my editor approached me with a propostion.

“Hey,” she said, “we’re thinking of making a winter anthology for December 2012. We want you to be the headliner. You interested?”

“Sure,” I said. Coz I was.
So then I had a problem. I’d agreed to provide a story. But I had no story.

Last time they asked me for an antho submission, I gave them a Holloway Pack short.

I couldn’t do that this time.

Because, due to the fact the anthology will be released the same day that Blue Moon launches, I have no Holloway Pack happenings that will fit into that slot time-wise.

About that moment, when realisation sank in, my head kinda went ‘Eeeeeeeeeeek!’

Because it meant I had to write a new story. One at fairly short notice. One with an unfamiliar plotline. One set in a ‘world’ I’d had no time to get to understand. One with new characters I knew absolutely nothing about.

But I panicked not. Okay, not much.

I simply took a singular idea that popped into my head … wrote down around 300 words to solidify that said idea would be where the story would start … and kept going back to it and playing around with the folks like they were Barbie and Ken on a bender … and voila …


It’s different to Holloway Pack. Different cast. Different tone. Different (dare I say it?) supes.

And I just recently signed a contract for it.

So it’s official.

I’m heading up a winter anthology.

MAKE BELIEVE is coming December 2012.

You can find out about the other contributing authors at: Jennifer M. Eaton | Jenny Keller Ford | Terri Rochenski | Kelly Said | Lynda Young

Exciting, no?

COVER REVEAL: Call of the Sea by Rebecca Hart!

When good friend and pirate obsessive Rebecca Hart recently signed for her novel, Call of the Sea, I was very happy for her. With published short works under her belt, Call of the Sea was Rebecca’s first novel submission, and will be her first unshared publication, due to release June 21st 2012. So I was only too happy to participate in her cover reveal.

And as you’re not here to listen to my waffle (for a change), I’ll move right on … I give you Call of the Sea by Rebecca Hart:

Aaaaaaaaand the blurb:

There’s no denying the call of the sea.

Elysandra Winters has always yearned for a life of adventure on the rolling seas and is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill her dream. When her Privateer father continually refuses to allow his only daughter to sail, Ellie defies him, disguises herself as a boy, and goes in search of a captain who will give her a chance to prove her worth. 

Thanks to the cursed selkie blood coursing through his veins, Daniel O’Rourke needs the sea to survive. After giving up on his humanity and spending three years in seal form, he decides to give his human side another chance. Daniel goes in search of a job and a sense of normalcy, earning himself a position aboard Captain Winter’s ship, The Surf Runner. However, his new captain’s first assignment has nothing at all to do with sailing, and everything to do with his headstrong young daughter.

Years later, when the leader of a band of bloodthirsty pirates murders Captain Winters, Daniel and Elysandra’s lives come crashing back together with the force of a hurricane. Both experts in deception, they must find a way to trust each other if they are to have any hope of hunting down the captain’s killer.

SO … WHAT DO I READ? #WWReadathon

A week from today is the Wonderfully Wicked Read-A-Thon, scheduled to run from the 21st to 23rd October.

And this nutter (crazily) signed up for it. Thirty-six hours of pure reading!

The only problem now is I have NO idea which books to read for it.

So I thought I’d ask for some help. From you guys!

Below is a list of books on my Kindle, as well as one or two paperbacks. Skim through. See if anything catches your eye. And stick it in the comments. If I get a tonne of suggestions, I’ll probably go with the first suggestion from each commentor before moving on to the next recommendation. Cheers (VERY MUCH) in advance.

Here’s my list:

1) Fire Bound—a Belador Short – Sherrilyn Kenyon/Dianna Love     2) Five – Christie Rich

3) The Arranger – L.J. Sellers     4) Strange Neighbours – Ashlyn Chase     5) Nightshade – Andrea Cremer

6) Night Life – Caitlin Kittredge     7) Enclave – Ann Aguirre     8 ) Kitty and the Midnight Hour – Carrie Vaughn

9) Shine – Lauren Myracle     10) Friday Night Bites – Chloe Neill     11) Hades – Alexandra Adornetto

12) Nevermore – Kelly Creagh     13) Night Rising – Chris Marie Green     14)  Leaving Paradise – Simone Elkeles

15) Wolf at the door – Christine Warren     16) Forgive my Fins – Tera Lynn Childs     17) Abandon – Meg Cabot

18) First Grave on the Right – Darynda Jones     19) Dark Time – Dakota Banks     20) Bad Taste in Boys – Carrie Harris

21) Airborne – Constance Sharper     22) Queen of Shadows – Dianne Sylvan     23) Last Wolf Standing – Rhyannon Byrd

24) Marked – Elisabeth Naughton     25) Touch the Dark – Karen Chance     26) Dragon Actually – Gena Showalter

27) To Catch a Spirit – Carrie Pulkinen    28) Jacob – Jacqueline Frank     29) Halfway to the Grave – Jeanine Frost

30) Fantasy Lover – Sherrilyn Kenyon    31) Storm Front – Jim Butcher     32)  Amaretto Flame – Sammie Spencer

33) Embrace the Darkness – Alexandra Ivy     34) On the Prowl – Karen McInerney     35) Fangs for the Memories – Kathy Love

36) Deadworld – J.N. Duncan     37) You Slay Me – Kate MacAlister     38) Full Moon Rising – Keri Arthur

39) Bad Blood – L.A. Banks     40) Sold to the Highest Bidder – Donna Alward     41) Blue Moon – Lori Handeland

42) Touched by Angels – Peggy Webb     43) Quick Bite – Lynsay Sands     44)  A Ripple in Time – Julia Hughes

45) Shadow Touch – Erin Kellison     46)    Sleeping with the Fishes     47)  Lonely Millionaire – Carol Grace

48) Deadly Sanctuary – Sylvia Nobel/Christy Moeller     49) Bitten &Smitten – Michelle Rowen

50) Throwaway – Heather Huffman     51) Slave to Sensation – Nalini Singh     52) When the Devil Whistles – Rick Acke

53) Covergirl – Maura Moynihan     54) Masked by Moonlight – Nancy Gideon     55) Bright Young Things – Anna Godbersen

56) Broken Wings – Sandra Edwards     57) Divine by Mistake     58) Ill Wind – Rachel Caine

59) Covet – J.R. Ward     60) Succubus Blues – Richelle Mead     61) Rosemary & Rue – Seanan MacGuire

62) The Devil Made Me Do It – Amelia James     63) Tempest Rising – Tracy Deebs

64) Unholy Ghosts – Stacia Kane     65) Isaac – P.H. Dillard

66) Cutless & Musket—Tales of Piratical Skulduggery (anthology)     67) Kiss of Crimson – Lara Adrian

68) Riding the Storm – Sydney Croft

See? See why I need help choosing?

And if you’re participating in the Read-A-Thon yourself, but struggling with what to read, why not grab yourself a copy of my E-Book Fated Encounter. It’s FREE! And it’s SHORT (so it’ll be a notch on your bedpost with little time used to achieve it).

For E-Reader, click HERE!

Or for Kindle, you can nab yourself a copy HERE!

How about you? Are you signed up?

See you all next week!


Roll up! Roll up!

On 8th August, I made the announcement that Fated Encounter was going to be unleashed on the world. I also made the declaration that I’d written it with the intention of it being free and that, after I’d shared it with my editor, J. Taylor Publishing were only too happy to support my goal and help me to achieve it.

As promised, Fated Encounter is now available.


If you’re wondering if it’s any good, why not check out Ambur’s review of the ARC I sent her at BurningxImpossiblyxBright to see what she thinks—she’s also hosting a giveaway of Darkness & Light.

For those too impatient, just grab your FREE copy of Fated Encounter for E-Reader, by clicking HERE!

Or if you have a Kindle, you can nab yourself a copy HERE!

Well, wotttaya waitin’ for? Go get ‘em! Now!

Psssssst, and feel free to spread the word. :)

Darkness & Light is available at the following outlets:


Barnes & Noble

WHSmith & Waterstones


Goodreads. I love it!

That isn’t what this post is about, but it is the major source of the information for it. I joined as a reader, got upgraded to an author, though I have to admit the time I spend on there is definitely reader orientated even if my reading habits reflect otherwise.

What am I talking about?

Research, my friends.

As a paranormal romance/urban fantasy author with a debut novel, which just happens to be a first in a whole set of stories I hope to share with the world, I am IMMENSLEY intrigued by what keeps a reader returning to the same author and characters, book after book, year after year.

I’d only been on Goodreads a matter of weeks when invitations started rolling in to join various Groups. I thought I was being strategic by joining all the PNR and UF Groups. I had a shock when I got there. Conversation after conversation rolled on and on … about books and authors I’d barely heard of, let alone read. I kept creeping on in, reading what people had to say, found myself awed by the passion with which these readers spoke of the stories (that I’d never heard of) … and man, my curiosity nearly burned a hole in my brain.

Yes, the reader in me so wanted to be able to be a part of these conversations. But the writer in me was totally overtaken by a desperate need to know why these certain series’ are so popular with the mass readers of the genre(s).

So what did I do?

Well, I went on a whacko book ordering frenzy.

But not before I’d asked for a couple recommendations.

The moment I did, I was accepted into the fold. People of Goodreads: you are amazing!

They nudged me in the right directions. Told me where to start. Told me what they loved about the books and why and convinced me I’d fall in love with them, too.

I was dubious. I always am when someone I don’t know tries to convince me I’ll love something. My dubiousness was short lived.

Yes, I needed to know what was so special about these books. Yes, I had to understand why readers keep coming back for more. Yes, I wanted to ‘feel’ the passion that provokes so much discussion of one series.

And I may actually be getting to the bottom of the mystery. Because I have found some great reads.

Sure, there have been some series where I’ve bought the first book and wondered what all the fuss is about.

So I head into my groups, type out words along the lines of: I don’t get it.

Like vultures, the groupies (ha! Sorry, GR friends) jump up and yell, no, the first isn’t the best story, you need to keep on, please keep reading, please don’t give up, listen to us we know what we’re talking about.

So I listen to them. I am an author. These people are readers. I have to trust they know what they like or I’m doomed … right?

And every time they have made me read on ‘because it only gets better’, they have been so totally right!

Thanks to listening to readers, I have stumbled across some amazing series’. Series that have left me hungry for more (or not—but the encouragement of others has swept me along). Series that I have been unable to put down. Series that I have fallen in love with.

And I shall be sharing my thoughts on these series with you. I’d love for it to be every week, but alas, I just can’t read an entire series that fast AND write new stuff to send to my editor for publication. So I shall aim for once a month. The second week of every month (starting 12th September), I shall be chatting about series I have been introduced to by readers and what I think brings folks back for more.

What about you? Are there any book series’ you’ve fallen in love with that you’ve just had to read because you’re not ready to say adios to the characters? Any you’d care to recommend?

Darkness & Light is available at the following outlets:


Barnes & Noble

WHSmith & Waterstones


A couple weeks ago, I had the idea to write a short story that I could give to my readers for free. I’m a sucker for writing little snippets of stuff that shows how events in my novels played out from a different perspective—especially as my 1st person PoV preference shows them through only one character’s eyes.

Anyhoo, I got to wondering … about the very first time Jem ‘thought’ she saw Sean in Darkness & Light, and I decided it might be fun to understand the encounter from Sean’s PoV.

Not only would I get to make it a little … um … ‘funner’ than the original, I’d get to work with the male I love working with, the male whose voice arrives as loud as a banshee wail in my ear.

So I wrote it.

Took me a few days (if you know me, you know I’m a slow typer), but I really liked what I ended up with.

And I was excited at the thought of sticking it up on my website as a free read for everyone—a way to say thanks to all those awesome people who have bought Darkness & Light and showed their support.

But that’s not the news.

The news is that I shared the story with my editor—not to sell (they don’t sell stories as short as this one), but just because she was interested. When it came back edited (I didn’t sulk at the red-pen, honest), and with a proposition, I was a little surprised … yet totally excited.

Yep, J. Taylor Publishing have offered to put Fated Encounter up as a free Kindle and Ebook read for folks to obtain, which means it got a cover and a blurb and it will have the potential to reach a much wider platform.


In case you didn’t get that, I’m excited.


What’s more, I’ve been told we can aim for a September 1st release so readers won’t have to wait very long for it to be available.


If you have a Kindle or E-reader, remember to look out for my announcement of its arrival. Just so you know, here’s what you should be looking out for (pssst, as this is a Jem & Sean tale, don’t forget to play spot the wolves):




Way back around Easter time -ish, I signed a contract for my novella, Instinct.

I’m mucho excited about this one, as this is a tale I wrote for totally selfish reasons because I had an urge to discover what made Sean Holloway tick.

So … this is a story that takes readers way back to the beginning.

In Instinct, the reader will get to understand how it all began between Jem and Sean of Darkness & Light.

And … today … I get to share the cover and blurb with the Internet world.


Let me just say, I LOVE it!

Each earlier mock cover that was sent for me to check out got a kind of ‘Ummm’ reaction from me.

Then this one came, and my response upgraded to ‘oooooh’.

I’m not going to tell you what sold it for me. If you study it well enough, you’ll figure it out for yourself.

So, I guess I’d better give you the chance to do exactly that then, eh?


Continue reading INSTINCT! THE BIG REVEAL!


I have a small list of favourite authors. One of them is most definitely the delightful Aimee Laine, especially after reading her debut novel: Little White Lies. Because of this, when I was given the opportunity to participate in Ms Laine’s blog tour I was mucho happy to oblige.

So … today on my blog, I have a guest that I’m very excited to introduce to you all. Straight from the debut novel by Aimee Laine: Little White Lies, I’d like to introduce y’all to Mr Wyatt Moreland.

Me: ::Swings in swivel chair to face him:: Hi. Why don’t you make yourself at home?

Wyatt: ::Leans back, crosses one ankle over his knee and rests an arm across the back of the couch::

Me: You mind answering a couple questions before we start?

Wyatt: Isn’t that why we’re here?

Me: ::Keeps straight face and refuses to bite:: Name?

Wyatt: I have one.

Me: ::Lips twitch:: Age?

Wyatt: Old enough.

Me: ::Giggles:: You married? ::Wink::

Wyatt: ::Smile::

Me: You know I’m just testing you, right? Like they do with those lie detectors?

Wyatt: ::Smile::

Me: Okay, seriously now. I have a few quick-fire questions. You sure you’re ready for ‘em?

Wyatt: After what I’ve been through? I’m ready for anything. ::Nods::

Me: What was the name of your first girlfriend?

Wyatt: ::Scratches head:: Um … Cheryl. I think. It was a long time ago.

Me: Name one item you never leave the house without?

Wyatt: ::Slaps his side, near his hip, so his palm thuds against an object:: Especially now, what with Charley’s … ::cough:: … change.

Me: What do you do for a living?

Wyatt: I’m a Field Agent for the FBI. ::Leans forward:: But if I told you everything, I’d have to kill you, so we’ll leave it at that. Good?

Me: Ha! You’re … not serious, right? ::Clears throat, mumbles: maybe he is:: Okay, just answer one more question on that, and I’ll let it drop. Why FBI? What made you choose that career path?

Wyatt: When you want to find someone, and it requires that you cross state, country or even continent lines, you gotta be a part of a big operation.

Me: Interesting. ::eyebrow quirks up:: Got any hobbies or hidden talents?

Wyatt: ::Smirk:: Those are best left between Charley and I. ::wink::

Me: Ha! ::Chortles:: What’s your greatest fear in life? ::Leans forward and drops voice to a conspiratorial whisper:: What are you most afraid of?

Wyatt: ::Leans forward as if to whisper:: Not having Charley in my life.

Me: ::Sits back up:: What irritates the p**s outta you? What truly gets your goat?

Wyatt: People who ask too many questions. ::Wink:: Actually, it’s people who aren’t genuine. Who think they should be something other than who they truly are.

Me: If you had to sum yourself up in one word, what would that one word be?

Wyatt: One word? Seriously? One? Damn. Um … adaptable?

Me: Blonde or brunette?

Wyatt: ::Smile:: Brunette.

Me: Teen Charley, or adult Charley—if you had to pick one, which would it be?

Wyatt: No contest there. Adult Charley.

Me: Talking of Charley, I’m surprised she’s let you wander off to the blog of some unknown female. ::Stares nervously about at all the people in the room because Charley could be any of them:: She lurking around here somewhere?

Wyatt: Only I’ll know the answer to that one. ::smile::

Me: Oooookay ::Shifty eyes:: Well, I think that’s a wrap. A huge thanks to Wyatt for joining me today.

If you would like to learn more about him, then I guess you’re just gonna have to read the book, peeps—check out Little White Lies.


When the government needs a body double for a covert operation, they hire shape-shifter Charley Randall. For two centuries, she’s played every part from foreign dignitary to office drone. The role she wants most, though, is one she’s denied herself three times already.

FBI Agent Wyatt Moreland believes Charley’s photographic memory is the key to his latest assignment. He’s oblivious to the true extent of her abilities, but he can’t deny the sense of déjà vu at their introduction.

Unlike Wyatt, Charley knows this isn’t their first meeting.

It’s their fourth.

The girl he vowed to love, sixteen years before, stands in front of him in her true form – one he’ll never recognize.

With each reconnection, Charley loves him more, though she realizes this is her last chance to explain. Only absolute truth can bring them happiness, but can Wyatt forgive her deceptions? Or will lies tear them apart forever?

You can get your own copy of Little White Lies at your local bookstore | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | AllRomance | BooksOnBoard

Or to find out more about the author, visit Aimee Laine’s Blog.


I LOVE getting to share my news with you, and this is no exception.

A little while back I signed a contract for my short story, Marked, to it be included in an anthology. Into the Unknown is a compilation of shorts from three authors, and I couldn’t have chosen two better ladies to be showcased beside: Aimee Laine, author of paranormal romance Little White Lies; and Jocelyn Adams, author of the soon to be released The Glassman.

After weeks of preparation and edits … TODAY (yay!), I get to share the anthology cover and blurb!

So … ladies & gentlemen, I give you … Into the Unknown: