Good Sunday, everyone!

Thank you all for returning to my blog each week to read my snippets.

For the last couple weeks, you’ve followed the antics of Sean Holloway and no doubt tried to figure out what the shifty werewolf (get it: shifty werewolf? Heh) has been up to. This week, he hits the shops again, trying to find what he’s been looking for in his secret outings. From Marked, in the Into the Unknown anthology due out December 1st:

“It’s just that she has a tendency to … swell …” My fingers stretched out from compressed to straight, like I thought the mime explained everything in one action. “… or grow … bigger … and I need jewellery that will accommodate that.”

“Is it some form of oedema your partner is suffering with?” asked Mr Owl.

I swung my attention back to the huge unblinking eyes that peered out from behind even bigger, round glasses. “Not exactly.”

Poor Sean. One has to feel slightly sorry for him, eh?

To be continued next week ….

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